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Q01. Do I need a prescription to place an order?
Yes, you must have a valid prescription under the applicable state laws. Please ensure that your order is exactly the same as the prescription that was given by your ophthalmologist and that these lenses fit your eyes comfortably. We do not take responsibility for any medical problems which may occur.

How do I know the details of my prescription if I do not have a hard copy with me?
If you are currently using contact lenses, refer to look for one of your contact lens boxes. They contain the information you need such as power, diameter and base curve. However if you are not sure about how to read this information from your contact lens boxes, the graphic below will be of assistance.

[How to find your lens data on your contact lens boxes]
  • Please use the newest prescription provided by your eye care professional.
  • You need to have PWR(power), BC(base curve) and DIA(diameter) to place an order. In addition, if your contact lenses have been prescribed for astigmatism, then you need to have both CY (cylinder) and an AX (axis) data.
  • Here are some examples of how to read your contact lens data from your boxes.