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1 Day Acuvue

1 Day Acuvue

1 Day Acuvue

Products Information
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Lens Type
  Daily disposable
Package Details
  30 lenses per box
Material Content
  42% Polymer (etafilcon A)
Water Content


1 Day Acuvue

Right Eye
Left Eye

* Lenses for far-sighted eyes (+) are currently unavailable. We apologize for the inconvenience.
* If your eyesight is the same in both the right and left eye, you only need to fill in one of the boxes.

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Product Description

1 Day Acuvue contact lenses are one of the most popular contacts and also one of the first ever daily disposable lenses on the market. As one of the first of its kind, these lenses set the standards for a whole generation of daily lenses and still are top in terms of handling and comfort. Start every day with a clean new pair of 1 Day Acuvue. There's no lens care or costly solutions required - just wear them one day and throw them away. They are ideal if you suffer from allergies or just to match your active lifestyle. With their inside-out "123" indicator for proper insertion, handling of this daily contact lens is unbelievable easy. 1 Day Acuvue offer the perfect mixture of comfort, simplicity and flexibility.

Lens Details

Type: Daily disposable lenses.
Packaging: 30 Lenses per box.
Content: Provides the eyes with 58% of available water content.
Manufacturer: Johnson & Johnson
Benefits: Daily disposable lens with UV-Blocking to protect your eyes.