Focus Dailies

Daily Disposable Contact lenses

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Type: Daily Disposable

Packaging: 30 Lenses per box

Content: 31% nelfilcon A & 69% water


Product Description

Focus Dailies are a type of daily disposable contact lenses that are widely popular worldwide. These lenses contain an AquaRelease agent that helps to keep your eyes moisturized and comfortable, even after prolonged use.

They are an excellent option for individuals with allergies who may find glasses uncomfortable. Each new pair of lenses you use in the morning is free from any pollen or proteins that may cause eye irritation.

This provides you with a fresh, comfortable start to your day. Focus Dailies have already won the hearts of millions of people worldwide, thanks to their daily renewed comfort.

Lens Details

Type: Daily disposable lenses.
Packaging: 30 Lenses per box.
Content: 31% Polymer (nelfilcon A), 69% Water
Manufacturer: CIBA Vision
Benefits: AquaRelease moisturizing agent is released gradually as the day goes on to keep your eyes hydrated

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