Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

We respect your concerns about privacy and maintaining the confidentiality of your information is important to us. Our Privacy Policy is intended to protect your privacy and to ensure that your personal information is handled in a safe and reasonable manner. We will not sell or otherwise provide your personal information to a third party, or make any other use of your personal information, for any purpose which is not incidental to your use of this web site. For the avoidance of doubt, personal information will not be used for any purpose which a reasonable person in your position would not expect.
We may collect web site visitors' contact information (like their e-mail addresses). Unless you object, this information may be used:

  • to send news, information about our activities, and general promotional material which we believe may be useful to you;
  • to monitor who is accessing the web site or using services offered on the web site; and
  • to profile the type of people accessing the web site.

If you do not wish to have your personal information used in this manner or for any other specific purpose, you can e-mail us accordingly.
We utilise "cookies" which enable us to monitor traffic patterns and to serve you more efficiently if you revisit the site. A cookie does not identify you personally but it does identify your computer. You can set your browser to notify you when you receive a cookie and this will provide you with the opportunity to either accept or reject it in each instance.
If you request that we do not use personal information in a particular manner, or at all, we will adopt all reasonable measures to observe your request, but we may still use or disclose that information if:

  • we subsequently notify you of the intended use or disclosure and you do not object to that use or disclosure;
  • we believe that the use or disclosure is reasonably necessary to assist a law enforcement agency or an agency responsible for government or public security in the performance of their functions; or
  • we are required by law to disclose the information.

All personal information which we collect (including your contact details and, if relevant, payment details) is kept confidential.

Security Policy

Our website has adopted the latest Secure Socket Layer (SSL) protocol and uses encrypted communications technology. This security system protects your personal information from unauthorized access, as long as your browser and local network support the use of encrypted data. Our website uses SSL and is compatible with most modern browsers.

SSL is the industry standard for encryption technology and is compatible with nearly all modem browsers including Netscape, Mozilla, Internet Explorer, AOL, and Web TV.

You can verify your transmission is secure by checking your web browser. Typically you will see a small icon to show you that are at a secure site/page.
It is a lock icon for Internet Explorer and a key icon for Netscape. Regardless of what browser you use, if the URL in your browser starts with https:// instead of http:// you know you are at a secure site/page. You will notice this on our site during the checkout process or when sensitive data is being transmitted.

This site uses a GeoTrust SSL Certificate to secure your personal information. For addresses beginning with HTTPS, all information sent to this site is encrypted, protecting it from interception by unintended recipients.

Return Policy

We generally do not give refunds unless there are any defects in the items that were sent to the customer.
We are able to allow customers to exchange the items that they have received provided that the items are in a sellable condition. If the item has been tampered with or has been opened, we will not be able to proceed to exchange the item.
All items that are meant to be exchanged has to be returned within 30 days from the day of receipt.
Before you proceed to return the items, please kindly contact us to raise an inquiry using the [inquiry form] and state the reason for wanting to return/exchange your contact lenses.


If you placed an order with the wrong prescription or your lens prescription has changed after your order has been shipped and would like to exchange your order, please kindly get in touch with us via our Inquiry Form and we will advise accordingly.
We will only be able to exchange the order if the below-mentioned conditions are met:

  • There must be no tampering or damages to the boxes.
  • The items must be returned to us within 30 days from the date of receipt.
  • For Toric Lenses, please kindly note that the time taken to exchange it will be longer as it is custom made for each individual.

When you receive defective lens

Defective lenses are eligible for replacement, but we reserve the right to inspect the returned lenses to ensure they are actually defective.
Please DO NOT throw your defective lenses away. Keep them with their original case.
Please contact us by using the[inquiry form]with your Name, Lens Prescription, Order ID and a description of why the lenses are defective.
Please send the defective lens along with their original cases to our customer support center with your Name and Order ID.
If the lenses are determined to be defective, we will replace them with new lenses as soon as possible.

If you find a defective lens while wearing them, please remove the lens immediately and contact your ophthalmologist if you notice any problems.

Toric lenses will take at least one month to replace.

Where to Send Your Return

  • Please send an email stating the reason you are returning your lenses. If you send an email, please clearly state the reason for the return and be sure to include your Name, Address, Phone Number, Lens Description and Order ID.
  • Be sure to pack your items carefully so they will not be damaged in transit. (PLEASE DO NOT PUT CONTACT LENS BOXES IN AN ENVELOPE.)
Majorlens US is NOT responsible for any merchandise that is lost or damaged in transit to our customer support center.

Majorlens US does NOT accept the return of goods in the following conditions:

  • The item is not in their original condition or is not in the same condition as when it was delivered.
  • Products not returned within 30 days of receipt.
  • Damaged products or products that are past their date of expiry.
  • Returned products with no return information (this includes your Order ID, Name and Address).


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