1 Day Acuvue TruEye

Daily Lens Contact lenses

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Additional Information

Type: Daily Lens

Packaging: 30 Lenses per box

Content: 54% narafilcon A & 46% water

Brand: Acuvue

Product Description

Experience the sensation of wearing no lenses at all with 1-Day Acuvue TruEye contact lenses. These lenses offer unparalleled comfort, thanks to HYDRACLEAR Technology, which ensures a consistently lubricated surface. As a result, these lenses provide a level of comfort that rivals the feeling of not wearing lenses at all.

Designed for individuals with busy lifestyles, these lenses are perfect for those on the go. Being daily disposable lenses, they offer exceptional convenience. Additionally, daily disposables are known for their high level of hygiene, reducing the risk of eye irritations compared to reusable lenses.

These lenses prioritize the health of your eyes and offer comfortable daily wear. ACUVUE TruEye is the first daily disposable lens made with a silicone hydrogel material and the highest concentration of a wetting agent in the HYDRACLEAR technology family. It is specifically designed to preserve the natural state of your eyes.

Lens Details

Type: Daily Disposable Lenses
Packaging: 30 Lenses per box
Content: 54% narafilcon A, 46% Water
Manufacturer: Johnson & Johnson
Benefits: These lenses provide the fusion of superior oxygen delivery, highest UV protection and HYDRACLEAR technology. Together, these features help you and your eyes meet the daily challenges of modern living

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