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Acuvue Vita

Acuvue Vita

Acuvue Vita

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Lens Type
  Monthly disposable
Package Details
  6 lenses per box
Material Content
  59% (Senofilcon C)
Water Content


Acuvue Vita

Right Eye
Left Eye

* If your eyesight is the same in both the right and left eye, you only need to fill in one of the boxes.

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ACUVUE VITA Brand Contact Lenses with HydraMax Technology is the newest monthly modality lens to enter the ever-expanding and improving contact lens market.
ACUVUE VITA Brand is a contact lens with unique properties that make it a fantastic lens for current monthly lens wearers experiencing comfort related issues, or new patients seeking a monthly wear cycle. ACUVUE VITA is designed to provide patients reliable, superior comfort - all month long.
I had the opportunity to discuss this new lens with Dr. Kristy Canavan and gain insight behind it, and its unique properties. Dr. Canavan is a Principal Research Optometrist at Johnson & Johnson Vision Care, Inc., and she was responsible for the clinical development of ACUVUE VITA.

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