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Maxi Eyes Colors Double Tone

Maxi Eyes Colors Double Tone

Maxi Eyes Colors Double Tone


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Lens Type
  Colored Monthly disposable
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  2 lenses per box
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Maxi Eyes Colors Double Tone

Right Eye
Left Eye

* Lenses for far-sighted eyes (+) are currently unavailable. We apologize for the inconvenience.
* If your eyesight is the same in both the right and left eye, you only need to fill in one of the boxes.

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-Monthly color contact lenses with UVA & UVB blocker
-Triple layer system for bigger eyes, brilliant highlights and comfort
-Easy to use and comfortable

New design color contact lenses from Spectroflex:
Maxi Eyes Double Tone contact lenses for natural brilliance and bigger eyes! The 3 layer system of this lens comes with an outer ring for bigger eyes, a highlight layer for beautiful colors and a comfort layer for a pleasant wearing experience.

Color Disposable Contact Lenses:

With color contact lenses the wearer is able to change, enhance or illuminate his/her own eye color. These contact lenses are also available with power [0.00] to allow people with a 20/20 vision to benefit from the phenomenal effects these lenses offer. Color contact lenses are designed for daily wear with nightly removal and proper cleaning and storage for up to two weeks before disposal. However, the best wearing schedule for you can only determined by your eye care practitioner.

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