Qieto 1 Day Color Shiny Eyes (10 Lenses)

Daily Lens Contact lenses | Color

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Additional Information

Type: Daily Lens Colored

Packaging: 10 Lenses Per Box

Content: 45% ocufilcon D & 55% water

Brand: Qieto

Product Description

Qieto 1 Day Color Shiny Eyes lenses are meticulously designed to prioritize both eye health and aesthetic appeal. With a water content level of approximately 55%, these lenses allow for proper oxygen flow to the eyes, preventing dryness and redness that can often occur with prolonged contact lens wear. This ensures that your eyes remain comfortable and refreshed throughout the day, allowing you to fully enjoy the beauty-enhancing benefits of these lenses.

One of the standout features of Qieto 1 Day Color Shiny Eyes lenses is their ability to create a contrasting and impactful look. These lenses fall under the category of cosmetic lenses, which are designed to enhance the appearance of the eyes. The colored edge of these lenses creates the illusion of larger pupils, resulting in a captivating and enticing effect that draws attention to your eyes. The enchanting sparkle and allure provided by these lenses leave a lasting impression, making them an ideal choice for special occasions or when you simply want to elevate your everyday look.

Adding to the allure, the spontaneous blend of Grey and Dark Honey with a faded contrast ring of Qieto 1 Day Color Shiny Eyes lenses brings depth and elegance to your overall appearance. This rich hue creates a subtle yet impactful transformation, enhancing the natural beauty of your eyes and adding a touch of sophistication to your gaze. The result is a look that exudes confidence and grace, making you feel truly captivating.

Even with their stunning visual impact, Qieto 1 Day Color Shiny Eyes lenses do not compromise on comfort. The lenses are carefully crafted to ensure that your eyes remain moisturized and comfortable, allowing for extended wear without discomfort. This means you can confidently showcase your enhanced eyes throughout the day, knowing that both their beauty and your comfort are being taken care of.

Experience the enchantment of Qieto 1 Day Color Shiny Eyes lenses, where proper oxygen flow, captivating aesthetics, and comfortable wear converge. Enjoy the delightful combination of enhanced depth and elegance provided by the gorgeous brown and warm honey shade, and embrace the allure of cosmetic lenses that effortlessly elevate your overall look with their captivating and enticing effect.

Lens Details

Type: Colored Daily Disposable Lenses
Packaging: 10 Lenses per box
Content: 45% ocufilcon D, 55% Water
Manufacturer: Qieto
Benefits: Grey and Dark Honey with a faded contrast ring leneses that creates the illusion of larger pupils which enhances the overall look of the wearer while offering proper oxygen flow, giving the wearer comfort and confidence throughout the day

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