FreshLook Illuminate (Light Brown)


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BC/DIA:8.6/13.8 PWR:-2.50

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Type: Daily Lens Colored

Packaging: 30 Lenses per box

Content: 31% nelfilcon A & 69% water

Brand: FreshLook

Product Description

Freshlook Illuminate Daily Disposable Contact Lenses are specifically designed for individuals with Asian or dark eyes. These lenses utilize an innovative printing technology with two layers to accurately match the natural shades of brown and black found in Asian eyes.

The distinct starburst pattern of these lenses seamlessly integrates the colored ring with the iris, instantly enhancing the eyes' appearance, making them more striking and unique.

Furthermore, these lenses create an exotic lift by creating the illusion of a darkened and enlarged limbal ring around the iris.

To ensure continuous comfort throughout the day, the lenses incorporate Blink Activated Moisture technology. This technology releases a moisturizing agent (PVA) from the contact lens with every natural blink, providing ongoing lubrication.

Overall, the Freshlook Illuminate daily disposable contact lenses offer a combination of features, including the unique starburst pattern and Blink Activated Moisture, to achieve naturally bigger, brighter eyes with lasting comfort.

Lens Details

Type: Colored Daily Disposable Lenses
Packaging: 30 Lenses per box
Content: 31% nelfilcon A, 69% Water
Manufacturer: CIBA Vision
Benefits: Seemlessly integrates the color ring with the iris to instantly enhance the eye's appearance while ensuring lasting comfort through the Blink Activated Moisture technology

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