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1 Day Acuvue Define Accent Style with LACREON

1 Day Acuvue Define Accent Style with LACREON

1 Day Acuvue Define Accent Style with LACREON

Products Information
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BC/DIA:8.5/14.2 PWR:-5.25

Lens Type
  Colored Daily disposable
Package Details
  30 Lenses per box.
Material Content
  42% Polymer (etafilcon A)
Water Content
  58% of available water content


1 Day Acuvue Define Accent Style with LACREON

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Left Eye

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Product Description

1 Day Acuvue Define with LACREON Accent Style contact lenses have been updated and improved as part of the Acuvue Define series of color enhancing contacts for your eyes. Accent Style is designed to enhance your eyes no matter your natural eye color. These contacts utilize a sophisticated pattern inspired by the natural iris, a smooth edge that enhances definition and varying translucency to make the eyes shine. As with all Acuvue Define lenses, this product now includes LACREON technology that allows for comfortable, moisturized daily wear along with protection against UV-A and UV-B rays from the sun.

Lens Details

Type: Daily disposable lenses.
Packaging: 30 Lenses per box.
Content: Provides the eyes with 58% of available water content.
Manufacturer: Johnson & Johnson
Benefits: LACREON technology that holds moisture and keeps your eyes hydrated.

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